Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Journey of a thousand miles part 16: Current weight and surgery around the corner

Wow. I went in for my preop class/consultation today and I'm currently at 393 lbs. 2 months ago I was at 412 lbs. That's amazing to me. Some people tell me, "you don't look like you weigh that much" or my other favorite, "Why are you doing this surgery? Can't you just diet and exercise?"

A little perspective: Over the last 20 years I've tried diet, exercise, pills, shots. You name it, I've tried it. This surgery is a tool to be used in conjunction with a change in diet, exercise and mindset. The mindset is the biggest facet to deal with. I've heard stories of people getting the surgery but not changing their mindset/habits and they short circuit the surgery. I know one of my supervisors at work had the lap band done more then a year ago and he only lost 10 lbs because he didn't change his ways. I refuse to let that happen. In addition to wanting to lose the weight, I know people are going to be looking to me to see how I do on this and that will influence their decisions. While I'm doing this for primarily selfish reasons, I know that others are being impacted by what I'm doing and I don't want to go to them later and say, "It didn't work because I didn't change."

So everything is scheduled, I'm registered at the hospital for the surgery, and I go in Monday morning for the event. I'm excited and a little nervous. But it's all right. My surgeon is one the top men in the country and the weight loss center I'm using is one of the best.

So my next posting will probably be giving you my impressions immediately after the surgery. And it's probably going to be along the lines of "owowowowow! hurt! bad! no good! owowowowow!" Provided I'm coherent enough to get those thoughts together.


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