Friday, July 24, 2009

Professor Gates is a Pernicious Critter

I've been debating starting a blog for different things for a while now, and between Lawdog and the current news, I felt compelled to start mine. I pulled the phrase Pernicious off of Vermicious from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, where they refer to a certain type of monster (the Vermicious Knids (pronounced K-nid, the K is not silent), and Critter, for one of my favorite Bloggers, Lawdog. When Lawdog refers to a critter, this is a reference to an individual who has been, shall we say, less than abiding when it comes to the law. I looked up the definition of pernicious, and found the following:

Main Entry:
per·ni·cious           Listen to the pronunciation of pernicious
Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin perniciosus, from pernicies destruction, from per- + nec-, nex violent death — more at noxious
15th century
1: highly injurious or destructive : deadly
archaic : wicked

After listening to Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowley's stories, I've come to the conclusion that the professor is a Pernicious Critter. He may have been breaking into his own house, but if he had simply cooperated with Sgt. Crowley, he probably would not have been arrested. Sgt. Crowley did what he was expected to do in this situation. Professor Gates then having the gall to play the race card is simply wicked and thus, pernicious.

I applaud Sergeant Crowley for doing his duty and his department for rallying behind him.

President Obama should be ashamed for his comments. It doesn't qualify him as a Pernicious Critter as yet, but it's very close to perniciousness. Shame on you, Mr. President. You need to retract that comment and apologize profusely to Sgt. Crowley, the Cambridge Police Department, and the American Publc.

[EDIT: President Obama has since retracted his statement and personally apologized to the officer. He also invited both men to the White House to have a beer and talk things out like civilized men. Kudos to President Obama for being man enough to admit to being wrong. I'm of the opinion that we might actually have a President who deserves to be President.]

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