Monday, August 3, 2009

Gravity Storms?

I overheard my co-worker Jeff make a reference to "Gravity Storms" when he was talking to a customer today. To say the least I was intrigued. He saw the look on my face and started laughing. Apparently my "intrigued" look looks like "WTF?" to Jeff. He went on to explain how on nights when he had been drinking too much, a street lamp helped protect him from the random gravity storms that would hit unexpectedly and pull him down to the ground until the storm passed. My "intrigued" look was replaced by my "Ah" look as understanding took over.

It occurred to me that Gravity Storms can strike anytime and anywhere. And it is not limited to just pulling you down to the ground (although that is the most common type of gravity storm). Some Gravity Storms have been known to focus on buildings or trees, and the storm is so strong that it pulls otherwise normal people right into the point of focus. Oddly enough, the storms rarely strike when one is sober and alert. Typically, the storms only occur when the individual is extremely tired or less than sober. And the GS is so strong that it can even override the power of a motor vehicle.

Gravity afraid....


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  1. Just one correction - I was talking to a co-worker at the time ;-)

    I have to plead guilty otherwise. At least I know better than to drink and drive!!!