Thursday, August 6, 2009

Warning: facepalm provoking story

You have got to be kidding me! Read the following story, but be advised, you might feel the need for a facepalm: WOMEN police officers are being issued with head scarves – to improve relations with Muslim communities.

The whole of Western Society has got to stop this "Politically Correct" garbage we seem to worship now. I'm sick of being told "You can't do this, it might offend someone." "Watch what you're saying, you might offend someone."

What the hell happened to our balls? I'm tired of the liberalistic "we have to protect everyone's feelings." BS that has become so rampant in Western Society. I remember growing up and always being picked last for sports teams in school. No one stepped up and said, "You have to be careful, you might hurt his feelings by picking him last." Hell, I had a substitute teacher in the 5th grade tell me to get my fat ass down when we were doing push ups. Of course, my parents had a field day with the prinicpal when they found out about that one.

I play games with my daughter, but I've taught her that if she wants to win, she has to fight for it and earn that win. I'm not going to give it to her. And I also make her do her homework. I won't do it for her. When she does well on a test or completes her homework without help, she has earned that accomplishment instead of it being given to her. Let's drop the liberalistic feel-good crap and PC BS and make our kids work for success, instead of letting them think it is something that is owed to them.

Let's drop being Politically Correct and instead lets be Polite and Courteous. Let's teach our kids to be polite and courteous and maybe we can get our society back to where it should be. Don't pass a kid on if they can't do the work. Let's hold them back. It worked when I was in school, there's no reason it won't work now.

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