Monday, September 28, 2009

Let the snarkiness begin!

My lady and I had a little night out tonight. She works at the MGM Grand and got free tickets to the CSI experience and the Liza Minelli concert.

The good: The CSI experience was interesting, but overpriced in comparison. This exhibit allows you to pick from one of three crime scenes to examine. You also get to examine the various forensic evidence and at the end of it you pick out the most likely suspect based on your findings. You can get a free diploma emailed to you or you can get a really nice one printed out at the CSI store at the end of the exhibit. I say it's overpriced because this normally costs $30.00 per person and you get to do one crime scene. No thanks. Also, it's not that hard to figure out what happened because the evidence is spoon fed to you. This was pretty clearly designed for a person with average intelligence. If you're anything above average, this exhibit is little more than a pleasant diversion.

The bad: The concert. Oh my god, was this bad. I'm not and never have been a Liza fan. Just not my thing, but this was beyond bad. When Liza came out, there was a huge outpouring of applause. I suppose the fact that she can walk out under her own power is reason to applaud. I guess. Then she started to sing. The first thing I and my lady noticed was that the microphone was set much louder than the musicians. She was also dressed in a super glittery top and plain black slacks. My lady said, "She's awfully loud." That triggered my snark reflex and I quipped back, "Yeah, so's her singing." My lady grinned at that one. The next song started and Liza was offkey and just bad. Halfway through the song I started looking around. One of the other ladies at the table asked me what I was looking for and the snark replied, "The hidden cameras and Howie Mandel, this can't be real." My lady snickered at that one, but also said "You are so bad" which is her code for "You should stop before you offend someone." My snark response was, "Is this a bad karaoke bit or what? This is truly awful." When the third song started, Liza walked back to the piano, but dropped the microphone. That was the end of the concert for us, which is just as well, because anymore and I probably would have started channeling Simon Cowell (a judge on American Idol for those who may have been hiding under a rock or living in a monastery or convent for the last few years). We walked out at that point and headed for home.

The good and the bad added up to a night out with my lady and that made it all worth it. Any time we get to spend some quality time together is worth it to me. No matter how bad the entertainment may be, I have her by my side and that's more than enough for me.

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