Thursday, November 5, 2009

What is wrong with our world?

Wow, 5 weeks without a blog...The entire month of October went by without a note from me.

Ah well.

The whole Fort Hood thing hits me in a personal history kind of thing. When I separated from the service, my final duty station was Fort Hood. I was in the 2nd Armor Division, "Hell on Wheels".

The doctors are saying there's no "Imminent Death" for the wounded shooter.

I wouldn't lay odds on that statement.

My tears and prayers go out for those at Fort Hood.

For the shooter, I have nothing but contempt. The men and women you hurt and killed will haunt you for the rest of your damned life. You violated your oath as a soldier and as a doctor.

For thy actions, I damn thee as an Oathbreaker. May thy soul be forsaken and imprisoned in ice up to thy rotten nose for thine traitorous actions.

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