Sunday, September 13, 2009

Take the red pill!

Welcome to the real world.

A few months back, I started hanging out with my buddy, Jeff. Up until this time, I was a pretty heavy RPGer and MMORPGer (role playing gamer and massive multiplayer online role playing gamer). Basically, a lot of my free time was spent in the non-reality of these games. Well, this weekend I spent Saturday morning at a Tea Party rally, Saturday afternoon was at Bass Pro shops with a pistol on my hip, Saturday evening I took my lady to a nice dinner and Saturday night I was with Jeff at a dive bar called the double down saloon watching one of our favorite bands, Hogjaw. We got to meet the band, take some pictures with them and generally had a good time. we also saw some cute real girls, a cat fight, a bicycle gang and a few other things that you could only see in the real world. We saw some nice cars and motorcycles and had a good time in the real.

Games just can't measure up to the Real.


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