Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Journey of a thousand miles part 3

So I started my sleep study last night. They sent me this box full of a computer unit and a bunch of flipping connectors that I have to wear all night. I don't see how you are not going to have uninterrupted sleep with all this crap. Breath monitor in your nose and covering your mouth, a chest monitor wrapped around your torso, A finger monitor (more on this in a minute) on your finger, and a "patient monitor" on my wrist that connects all of the other monitors to the computer unit.

The finger monitor: I don't know who engineered the connections for this thing, but they need to be taken out and beaten with a rolled up newspaper until they bleed. In this day of usb connectors and wireless options, and this damn finger monitor uses a serial port connection that doesn't screw in to place and pulls loose with little effort. Then the computer unit starts saying "adjust finger monitor" every 2 minutes until you fix it.

I'm not pleased and my girlfriend is pissed off. Neither one of us slept well because of the sleep monitor.

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