Friday, November 19, 2010

The Journey of a thousand miles part 10: A change for the better

So last night I was in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror and all I could see was the significant amount of white hair in my goatee. Significant in that it is outnumbering the dark hair. Someone at work had mentioned that it was making me look older than it needed to. I was going to keep the goatee, but I had grown it out for my GF (ex-GF now) and something in the back of my mind just kept saying "Get rid of it". One part of my mind said, "But she likes it" The other part said, "So what? She broke up with you. Shave that shit off and start the weekend clean."

That part of my mind won. I got out my trimmers and buzzed the goatee off and then took a regular razor and cleaned everything else off.

I got to work today feeling good, feeling alive again for the first time in several weeks. My co-workers all made comment of how young and vital I looked without the goatee. It really made me feel good to hear that.

Bariatric surgery coming up in the near future and now I feel like I can handle anything that comes at me. I may not have a significant other right now, but I have my family and friends in my corner.

That'll do for now.


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