Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Journey of a thousand miles part 6: unasked questions

An interesting question from my girlfriend came up last night and it applies to us both since we're both getting the surgery. In all my researches on the surgery, it's one that I've never seen addressed. Any time there is a major change in your physicality, all sorts of tastes change. Food, drink, exercise...but what about sexually? I've always been attracted to BBWs, even when I wasn't big myself. She's a BBW, but won't be after the surgery. I've seen pictures of her when she was younger and slender, and she was hot. I would have asked her out in a heart beat.

And I've had all sorts of women in my life, when I was young and single. I've had the girl next door type, the penthouse pet (a real penthouse pet BTW), and probably everything in between. Not all of them were BBWs, but I was still attracted to them.

My girlfriend did some research of her own and found out that there is a high percentage of people who underwent the surgery that have divorced from their partner or otherwise broken up. That's scary to me. Will things change that much?

I can honestly say that I have seen dramatic changes in physicality change a person's overall attitude and personality. One of my best friends got the Lasik surgery and he no longer had to wear glasses and he felt handsome and therefore, confident in himself. He ended up divorcing his wife eventually, and I can't say that the change didn't come into play in that problem.

I love my girlfriend with all my heart and I hope nothing like this happens. I hope that the surgery, since it's going to be a shared experience, will bring us closer together.

Guess it's up to me and God to decide what to do if the time comes. Here's hoping.



  1. Nice question. I'm commenting because you asked...we (my local support group) literally talk about this almost every time we meet. There is a big change, and a lot of that is age (when you are having the surgery vs. sexual desires, etc). Call it what you will, mid-life crisis, menopause, or just plain confidence; everyone changes through this type of surgery. It's sad there is not more "family" support groups, so our loved ones can get involved (especially if they are not having the surgery but have to live with us that do on a daily basis). Since you both are having the will be a great "help" to each other. My prayer is for you both to find the new you, and a new found love for each other! Wishing you the best. Feel free to follow (weight) and my daily diary/journal

  2. My partner met me when I was slimmer and he had been with me and loved every inch as I have put the weight on. I was attracted to his personality and he mine. I do not expect this to change no matter what size we are. If you love each other this should not change. Just going to make sure any changes we make in our lives are made together.