Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Journey of a thousand miles part 7: A fork in the road

As if this whole weight loss surgery wasn't going to be stressful enough, my girlfriend came home last night and told me she wants me to move out. A three year relationship gone in less than a minute. We've been having issues over the last few months but it all came to a head a couple of weeks back when she said she was confused about what she wanted. So we talked then, and she agreed that we would try. Two weeks later and it's done. So now I have to find a new place to live, move all my stuff and start over. And last night after she told me, we went into full on relationship apocalypse. I said and did things that I shouldn't have because I was hurting and I pretty much killed any chance of a later reconciliation.

You can't unring the bell, I suppose. So now I take another step forward, just without her by my side.

On the positive side, I have my class this week and my chest xray, then I get my psych eval and we should be good to go to start the procedures for my surgery. I'm going to spend the next year getting my head and new body in order and learn to be myself again. It's all I have left to do.

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