Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Journey of a thousand miles part 13: Still waiting for the good...

So I guess God's answer to my request was "Not yet". Thanksgiving was good, but the following Saturday we were supposed to go out to see the Christmas light display out at the local wildlife habitat, but it started raining and then my dad got a call from the home that my grandma is in, and she fell down and hit her head and they were sending her to the hospital. He told them to wait until he got there and we set off immediately to the home. We got there in about 15 minutes and they had already sent her despite Dad's instructions. So we headed to the hospital, and they would only let one family member at a time in to see her. So Dad went in and my aunt and I waited for himto come back. He came back in about 15 minutes and the two of them spent the next hour discussing what was going to happen.

A touch of background before I go further. My grandma used to be a caregiver, taking care of people. First at a kids shelter, then at a home. When she got too old to do that and they took it away from her, she started losing herself. Dementia set in and has now taken over my grandma. She doesn't recognize anyone except my mom and dad now. It's very hard to see my grandma in that condition. She wouldn't want to live like that. What she's doing isn't living, the doctors in the home are just keeping her body alive. I know my grandma wouldn't put another person through that. Medical Science worries so much about keeping a person alive without asking, "Should we keep them alive?" That made the decision Dad and my aunt made easier to take.

They decided to file the DNR paperwork with the hospital, take my grandma off of all her medications and put her in hospice care and let nature take it's course. It hurt to hear them make that decision, but it hurts more seeing the dementia erase my grandma little by little.

So now it's in God's hands. So now I'm asking for something else.

Lord, call your child back home and spare her any further pain and loss.


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