Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More to love - new show

I normally don't care for the "dating" shows, but I like the premise of this show. Plus sized man and plus sized women, He's looking for the one woman that will give him the spark of passion, the women are all looking for the one guy that will love them for them, and their size shouldn't matter.

My lady and I are both plus sized people, so we can really sympathize with this show. I really hate the fact that if you are plus sized, you can't get a lot of fashionable clothes without dropping a small fortune on your wardrobe. Worse, as big as we are, I get the feeling that people choose to ignore us and hence, just don't see us. I can't tell you how many times people have walked into me or nearly walked into me because they DIDN'T SEE ME! At least, that's what they always say, "Sorry, I didn't see you there."

How the hell did you not see me? I'm six feet tall and weigh nearly 400 lbs. Are you blind or stupid? I see the people around me so I don't hurt someone by walking into or over them.

Or, I've had fights in the past where I knew it was because some skinny little critter decided he needed to boost his macho by taking down someone bigger than he was. Dosen't work with me, flapjack. You might be faster, but once I get my hands on you, the fight is over. And what's more, I can take a hell of a beating before I drop. One good hit with my hammer punch or my stomp kick and I guarantee you won't be wanting to fight any more. God help you if I'm really pissed off, because then I'll be going for eye and throat strikes. Again, this takes the piss out of most machos when they realize their sight and/or life are on the line.

I've digressed from the basis of this topic, but that's ok. I view the blogs as a very stream-of-consciousness art form, and it will flow with that idea.

I hope that this show will wake America up to realize that judging someone by their size is just as narrow minded as judging by skin color or religion.

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