Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fragging Hotmail has been compromised!!!

So my girlfriend asked me if I sent her a link to an online drugstore. I looked at it and saw that it came from my msn/hotmail account and it had been sent to all of my contacts. Oyyy. I logged in to my account and saw about 30 "delivery failure" Emails. Not cool.

I started to go in to change my password and immediately realized that page was compromised as well. For my secret question, it was asking for my credit card information. I would never use my credit card info for a secret question. It also wouldn't show me my alternate email address to send a reset request. I had to root around a bit, but I did find an alternate route to the reset page and set my password strong enough so no one will crack it easily.

Gorram spammers...

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