Saturday, December 25, 2010

Missing my second chance tonight...

God, I can't believe how much I miss her tonight. I call her my second chance, or 2C, from the movie "Nights in Rodanthe". It's one of the movies we shared together. We were both crying at the end of the whole thing. Richard Gere told Diane Lane that she was his "Second chance at love." That's always the way I felt about her after we saw that movie. She was my second chance at love, my dream come true, my true love. And now she's gone.

I'd give up almost anything to have her back. I'm hurting tonight and the only thing that can relieve the pain I'm feeling is her. Her touch, her laughter, the blue of her eyes, her sweet scent.

But all I can do tonight is climb into bed, roll over and go to sleep and try to not think about it. But that's like asking water to not be so wet.


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